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The all year round version of Christmas Andante Digital Board Game UK.


Watch a demonstration of the game.


Roll the dice and answer questions to move your instrument piece around the board. The winner is the person who gets to the last square first. This game is suitable for 2,3 or 4 players or teams. The youngest player goes first. Players can gain stars by landing on the star squares. This enables them to move an extra bonus couple of squares forwards. Be careful to save your stars until you have passed the policeman square (in your colour).


Suitable for the U.K

Andante Digital Interactive Board Game UK Version



    Computer files are zip files and will need to be unzipped first (PC users can use offline). 

    Mac users can use the web link on the computer, but cannot download the computer zip for offline use). The computer version can be used interactively on a smart board. 

    All versions can be used with a projector. 


    Once unzipped select LAUNCH STORY to start the game. 


    Web files open on any device including phones (needs wifi).

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