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Match And Drag Music Rhythm 1 interactive module is designed to reinforce elements of rhythm. There are six sections which get progressively more difficult. A certificate can be printed from the computer directly, screenshot from a tablet or printed from PDF.


Suitable for U.K. And US.


This is a flexible module which can be used as a rhythm exercise, a warm up for instruments, an aural exercise or as a game. 


The tablet and **computer versions can both be used with a projector. The **computer version can also be used with a smart board.



Computer files are zip files and will need to be unzipped first. A "How to" link is provided in the PDF.


**Mac users can use the tablet version but this is not suitable for offline use.


Once unzipped, save to hard drive and select launch story to start.

Tablet files need to be housed in a free app (articulate mobile player) links and instructions are provided in the PDF document for getting this the first time. Once you have done this the first time, clicking on the links launches the product instantly and easily.

Match And Drag Music Rhythm 1 Interactive Activity

  • The Tablet link can be opened on an android or apple device or a PC or Mac for quick viewing. The modules are housed in an app called articulate mobile player. This is a free app. Once you have this installed the first time, the links will automatically open in this app, when you click launch on future products. Modules can be easily downloaded for offline use by toggling a switch in library view. See the help video for further information. If you would like to download your module to a computer for offline use you will need to use the computer link.

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