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A fun and engaging simple to use click and launch interactive resource, that is great for the end of term, beginning of term and everything in between. Plenty of learning happens whilst the students try to figure out who stole the muffins. 


Project this onto a smartboard by clicking launch file. 


There are no less than 5 concerts happening in the city. 5 suspects who each like a different genre of music are under suspicion. Answer 6 questions in a row to get a clue to the identity of the thief. Topics include;



Instruments of the orchestra


Types of music.


Eliminate the suspects to discover which of the 5 music fans stole the muffins. 


Jessie The Jazz Fan

Camilla The Classical Fan

Robert The Reggae Fan

Ruth The Rap Fan

Raymond The Rock Fan


Instrumental sound examples on every slide. 

Help sections are included on every slide. 



The Case Of The Missing Muffins

  • The Tablet link can be opened on an android or apple device or a PC or Mac for quick viewing. The modules are housed in an app called articulate mobile player. This is a free app. Once you have this installed the first time, the links will automatically open in this app, when you click launch on future products. Modules can be easily downloaded for offline use by toggling a switch in library view. See the help video for further information. If you would like to download your module to a computer for offline use you will need to use the computer link.

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